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    Here he is, one of the illest emcee's on this planet/ his rhymes are lethal and may cause great damage/ to any emcee tryin to **** with me/ he will be destroyed, cuz MTK has no pity/ for anyone tryin to diss him/ cuz MTK will verbally kick his ass, and he'll be wishin'/ he had never stepped up to this master of ceremonies/ cuz MTK is much too strong for any phoney/ emcee, but that'll have taught him a good lesson/ if he comes again though, i will mess him/ up more than before, cuz im dangerous/ i will defeat him for good, cuz he plainly sucks/ I'm mainly just/ tryin to show y'all what its about/ dropping ill rhymes on this forum, i'll drop more later, but now I'm out/
    Peace, MTK

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